We have so many people to thank for helping us finally bring this project to fruition and make our dreams come true, as we went along the vision for the project just kept getting bigger and bigger and we didn’t realise how big it was going to get and it could have kept going but we just had to stop with what we’ve done now for you, otherwise the magazine would never have been finished.


But the person that we want to thank the most is Katie Knowles, without Katie, our magazine wouldn’t have come to light, it would have remained a dream and we have no idea how we will ever repay Katie for her work she’s done on this project.

Katie’s efforts included a 24/7 effort one night, seriously she stayed up 24 hrs to push through the last of this project all the while she was juggling the different timezones, obviously we’re in Australia and she was working from the US, her work commitments for her clients all the while spending time with her God Mother in hospital who is terminally ill located in another State.  Katie worked tirelessly for us (for crumbs, we’re telling you, crumbs), she made a commitment to help us realise our dream and she did and we are so so grateful. No words can express how grateful we are for her dedication to helping us finish this project.  And that includes Katie’s ideas on how to make our scenes superior to what we conjured up, you have her to thank for doing the amazing job that she did.

If you need any graphic design work we cannot recommend Katie enough, you can visit her at her website Offleash Creative:

Katie thank you so much for all your hard work, you have totally blown us away with your creativity and generosity in what you have done for us and we cannot express our deepest gratitude enough.

We are incredibly grateful to Hong Rui Lee who helped us design the web templates, he did an awesome job, you can find out more details about him here.

We also want to thank Brandy Bianchi from Brandy Lee Designs who helped us set up the Magazine Slider, and it looks awesome. You can find Brandy at:

We also had a variety of clever peeps who helped us over the years including: Elena Bojadzieva, Amelia LamondJoanna Esangga, Nicole Brubaker and Erum Munir (from Dots & Dashes).

We couldn’t have finished this project without all this help, we are incredibly grateful.

Sam & Bronny