Ellen is The Australian Women’s Weekly March 2013 Cover Girl

Ellen is The Australian Women’s Weekly March 2013 Cover Girl

The excitement over the impending visit of Ellen DeGeneres to Australia is heating up and to celebrate, the Australian Women’s Weekly features Ellen as their March 2013 cover girl with an exclusive interview conducted by friend of Sam’s Caroline Overington.


And it’s a corker of an interview, here are a few favourite highlights:

AWW: You’ve teamed up with Nicole Kidman for the promotion. Can you actually move in Hollywood for all the Australians living there: Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Rebel Wilson, Naomi Watts and so on? 
Ellen: It’s actually very hard to move around Hollywood with all the Australians here. Not because it’s crowded or anything, but because they drive on the wrong side of the road.

AWW: You have a personal connection to Australia: your wife Portia is an Aussie. Does Portia have any characteristics — words or mannerisms — that occasionally make you think, ‘yep, she’s Australian?’
Ellen: Whenever we go ice-skating she spins in reverse.

AWW: The dancing on your show — do you think people should just dance whether they are any good at it or not? 

EllenI think people should dance whether they’re really good at it or really bad at it. Because either way I’ll put them on TV.

AWW: You’ve never been to Australia, which is actually a scandal. What pre-conceived notions do you have (kangaroos in the main street, we all carry hunting knives, like Paul Hogan on Crocodile Dundee?)

EllenOf course I don’t expect kangaroos in the main street. But I do expect to see them boxing.

You can read more of Caroline’s interview at the AWW website here.

So excited … not long to go!

Sam & Bronny


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