We are so excited to share our magazine with you. Just E! is a fictional story of Ellen travelling around Australia with an Aussie sense of humour twist to it of course. Ellen does some of her favourite things but we share with her some of our favourite Aussie things to do! We’ve had so much fun creating this magazine for Ellen and we really hope that you all enjoy it nearly as much as us, it truly comes from a place of gratitude.

Feel free to leave comments below, we’ll be running some giveaways to rename some of the images ’cause we reckon some of you are going to be much funnier than us. The slideshow below has the option of showing the images in full-screen, so sit back, relax and have a good chuckle and of course spread the joy and leave a welcome message for Ellen on our Guestbook page here or comment below.

Sam & Bronny


Photo Ellen_in_Australia_Magazine_Cover

Photo Ellen_In_Australia_Letter_From_Editors_Page_01a

Photo Ellen_In_Australia_Letter_From_Editors_Page_02a

Photo Ellen_in_Australia_Big_Banana

Photo Ellen_in_Australia_Bondi_Beach_Louie_The_Fly

Photo Ellen_in_Australia_Red_Carpet_Sydney_Harbour

Photo Ellen_in_Australia_Just_Ellen_Perfume

Photo Ellen_in_Australia_Witchetty_Grubs_Outback_Australia

Photo Ellen_in_Australia_Federation_Square_Dance_Party_Bethenny_Frankel

Photo Ellen_in_Australia_Finding_Dory

Photo Ellen_in_Australia_Covergirl_Visible_Zinc

Photo Ellen_in_Australia_Croc_Pitt_Australia_Zoo

Photo Ellen_in_Australia_Ellen_World_Opera_House_Steps

Photo Ellen_in_Australia_Happy_Birthday_Australia_Day

Photo Ellen_in_Australia_Ellen_Gives_You_Wings

Photo Ellen_in_Australia_Seaworld_Dolphins_Floaties

Photo Ellen_in_Australia_Ruby_Rose_No_To_Bullying

Photo Ellen_in_Australia_Know_or_Slide_Game

Photo Ellen_in_Australia_Free_Hugs_Pitt_Street_Mall

Photo Ellen_in_Australia_Sailing_Sydney_Harbour

Photo Ellen_in_Australia_Heart-Barrier

Photo Ellen_in_Australia_Koala_Goodbye

Photo Ellen_in_Australia_Production_Credit